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Vacuum Slimming Machine with Roller Lipo Massager

Vacuum Slimming Machine (with Roller Lipo Massager)

The Vans8 is a vacuum roller lipo massager slimming machine that stimulates tissue from the surface of the skin to trigger a biological reaction within the body. The weight loss treatment process is painless, non-invasive and non-aggressive. The vacuum suction helps grip the skin tissue, while the air jet system releases the skin and helps keep the body cool. The stimulation process helps treat fatty deposits, cellulite, slackening skin, fibrosis, inflammation, edema, lymphedema, venous insufficiency and helps with injury recovery among many other applications. Skin treatment devices such as this slimming device help patients feel better about themselves in terms of health and appearance.

Weight 72KG
Size 46x62x180 (cm)
Air flow 320L/M
Suction 30 KPa ~ 69KPa ( the standard for medical use in Europe and America )
Suction level 8 levels ( 30% , 40% , 50% , 60% , 70% , 80% , 90% , 100% )
Mode 5 modes (rotate in, rotate out, rotate up minor, rotate up major, roller rest)
Frequency 0 ~ 10HZ ( 101 kinds of combination of the frequency )
Roller speed 0 ~ 65 rotations per minute ( automatically control )
Reversible treatment head Yes (go forward and go back)
Distance control for roller Yes
Cold air jet function Yes
Mechanical counter Yes
Controlling Collaborative control by 3 CPU
Noise 50~54 (dBA)
Color touch screen 10.4" 24Bit color of 16.7M Industrial true color screen
Electrical characteristics 220V / 50HZ / 800W
Packing material Aluminum Case
Typical Modes & Function

Body Beauty: Android lipomassage treatment, ganoid lipomassage treatment, cellulite, smoothing treatment, body firming treatment.
Fitness: Preparation treatment, recovery treatment
Health: Fibrosis, inflammation, edema, lymphodema, venous insufficiency.
Sport: Ligament tendon injuries, preparation, recovery.
Spa: Lipo sculpting treatment, cellulite smoothing treatment.
Aesthetic medical: pre- and post-liposuction, pre- and post-lifting

Comparison of LPG M6, Vans8 and Normal Chinese vacuum Slimming Device
LPG M6 Vans8 Normal Chinese Vacuum device
Treatment Head Roller Material Special strong plastic. Best in world. High quality Plastic, very strong, not easy broken Normal Plastic, easy broken, or metal roller, which uncomfortable and easily hurt skin
Treatment Head Roller Motor High quality Motor used in airplane Industry Germany Imported Motor used in airplane Industry Chinese normal motor, usually damaged with few month.
Vacuum Pump Germany Tomas Pump (one pump price is USD 5000 around) 2 pcs with low noise and automatic protection from overheating , medical standard pumps (function same as LPG's pump ) Chinese Pump, Weak and loud
noise Very soft High performance soundproof materials keeping the noise level between 50~54 (dBA), it gives comfortable environment to do the treatment. Loud Noise is damaging to bystanders
Frequency Max is 16Hz Max is 10Hz,10 pulses of suction with 10 jet pulses ,( 101 combination frequencies) Usually 3 Hz
Working Mode 5 Mode Same as LPG, (rotate in, rotate out, rotate up minor, rotate up major, roller rest), have widely application in medical field and aesthetic medical field. 2 or 3 mode.
suction 30KPA ~ 69KPA , the standard for medical use in Europe and America 30KPA ~ 69KPA , the standard for medical use in Europe and America Usually Reach 100Kpa. Not safe
RF or Laser function No No Yes, 1. RF principle is different from Vacuum, is harmful use together with Vacuum Roller. 2. Laser light, only effective when continuous focus on one area over 20 minutes.
Other Character Of Vans8
Hardware configuration Pumps : Korean pumps with low noise and automatic protection of overheating, medical standard pumps.
valves : Germany imports, which works at high speed and produces little heat , 4 pcs valves
Sense : high sensitivity
Mechanical counter, range from 0~9999 hours, long lifetime designing.
Double protection of power system, which can protect the machine effectively
Omni-directional wheel (medical standard , 4pcs )
With Air refrigeration system and air exchange box
With complete filtration system and noise elimination system
6 pcs radiator fans, from Japan.
With complete sound insulation system and air separated system
Vacuum tube : Newflex medical standard tube, form America
Handpiece Two motors from Germany (use for vacuum ) LCD liquid crystal display (60x29)
Adjust distance between the two rollers
disposing feedback device which can be used to detect the depth and density of fatty tissue
Disposing two reversible rollers ( Vanoo patent )
Double grip type design, more humanized, more simple and more flexible to operate, Plug and Play connector
Feedback Form
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