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Multi-channel RF and Vacuum Beauty Machine

Multi-channel RF and Vacuum Beauty Machine

Brief Introduction of Re-youth
Re-Youth is a 3D skin tightening and body contouring machine which is an amazing surgery alternative. We are the first company in China to develop this type of technology based on the original design from Israel's VIORA Company.

Skin contouring technology is becoming increasingly popular in America, Mexico, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Japan and Korea.

This is the best body contour and skin lifting machine on the market. The multi-frequency RF technology makes it easy for doctors to give you the results that you are seeking without putting your body at risk with surgery. The treatment is notably comfortable, non-invasive and side effect free.

1. Anti-Aging: Skin lifting, face contouring, and wrinkle removal, eye circle treatment.
2. Body Contour: Body contouring, repair wounded skin tissue after surgery, repair stretch marks, wrinkles, scars and so on. 

Treatment Head 3 pcs
Frequency 0.8MHZ, 1.7Mhz, 2.4 Mhz
Vacuum Pressure 0- 0.062 Mpa
RF output Power 0-70W
Input Power 600W
Machine body size 42*38*100cm
Arm height 64cm
Net weight 38kgs

1. Vacuum Negative Pressure
4 Levels of different vacuum negative pressure makes sure the RF energy has deeper penetration, stimulates metabolism of fat tissue, accelerates blood circulation, promotes lymphatic flow, and rebuilds collagen chaining.

2. Multi-Frequency RF technology.
4 Modes of RF working:
Single: 0.8 MHz;
Single: 1.7 MHz;
Single: 2.45 MHz;
Mixed Frequency: 0.8 MHz, 1.7 MHz, and 2.45 MHz.

It depends on the treatment requirement to set up parameters:
0.8 MHz is deep to fat layer;
1.7 MHz is deep to collagen layer;
2.45 MHz is deep to epidermal layer;
Mixed Frequency is for all of above three skin layers.

3. Treatments
3 different treatment tips, can be for 8 different body part treatments.
BC(Body Contour): RF+ Vacuum
FC(Body Contour): RF+ Vacuum
ST(Skin Tightening): RF only.

4. Advantages
A. Initial effects, after a 30 minute treatment.
Immediate skin tightening results, face contouring, better wrinkles, improved skin elasticity and refined pores.

B. Lasting effects: Over time, depending on individual clinical cases, personal differences in daily care and age, the results vary but are consistently long lasting. Heat stimulates the beginning repair of the skin, activating collagen tissue and generating new collagen. After treatment, skin is stronger and has long lasting tightening and smoothing effects.

5. Technical Parameters
Hand-Tips BC FC ST
RF Power 70W 50W 130J /CM/3
RF1 0.8MHZ 0.8MHZ 0.8MHZ
RF2 1.7MHZ 1.7MHZ 1.7MHZ
RF3 2.45 MHZ 2.45 MHZ 2.45 MHZ
RF4 0.8MHZ , 1.7MHZ , 2.45 MHZ 0.8MHZ , 1.7MHZ , 2.45 MHZ 0.8MHZ , 1.7MHZ , 2.45 MHZ
Vacuum 600mbar 600mbar
Treatment Area 35mm×30mm 15mm×10mm 8mm×8mm
Weight 48Kgs
Power 210-230 VAC; 50/60Hz
Colorful touch screen
Before and after photos
BeforeAfter BeforeAfter BeforeAfter
BeforeAfter BeforeAfter
Multiple RF Frequencies & Vacuum Therapy

The machine has multiple radio frequencies 0.8MHz, 1.7MHz, 2.4MHz, with 3 different treatment modes that target different tissue depths, from the superficial layers of the skin to the hypodermis. There is a fourth mode that penetrates all skin layers for maximum effectiveness.

Vacuum therapy adds to the skin treatment allowing for deeper tissue penetration to increase blood circulation, promote lymphatic drainage and induce lipolysis. The entire process is an excellent alternative to liposuction.

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