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K11 Fractional CO2 Laser Machine

K11 Fractional CO2 Laser Machine

1. The range of treatment
The laser rejuvenation equipment can treat any part of the body for things such as acne scars, eliminate pigmentation, burn scars, melisma, wrinkles, skin laxity and sun damaged skin, Vagina Tightening.

2. Technical parameter
Technical parameters:
Diameter Spot 0.2mm
Spot Spacing: 0.2-2mm
Wavelength: 10600nm
Peak Power: 800W
Pulse duration 100μm-10ms (Adjustable)
Laser output modes: Continuous, Single pulse, Repeat Pulse, Ultra Pulse.
Aiming Beam: 5mw Diode
Control: Touch Screen
Out Put Frequency: 1-1000Hz
Electrical: 230/220V
Scanner Weight:0.7/1.5kg (Optional)
Cooling: Water
Machine Size:
Package size: 130x58x74cm
Scanner Size: 60*60*40mm
Power 30W

1.RF tube and glass tube are both optional

2.The skin treatment device has sensors that can detect any abnormalities during operation and can automatically shut down if needed.

3.There are two models of the fractional laser device, model A is scanned dot by dot, this model is used for larger, more built up scar tissue. Model B is scanned with dot irregularly, this model is for smaller scars and is more painless.

4.There are nine different graphics, and the size of the graphics is adjustable. For different size scars, you can find the suitable graphics in the skin laser machine.

5.Compared to similar machines, this one is affordable without sacrificing effectiveness. The body shell of our CO2 fractional laser is constructed from ABS environmental material, which is static-free. This is important to the life span of the machine. The CO2 Glass tube inside of the machine is very important to keep the laser treatment stable. We adopt German made glass tubes, which ensure the best treatment effects and a long life span.

4. Software of the Fractional Treatment

5. Vanoo's After Sales Service
1.Vanoo will repair or replace broken skin treating devices for free within the first 24 months after purchase.

2.There are 5 Vanoo international engineers offering 24-hour service to solve any customer issues.

3.If the machine is past the warranty period, Vanoo only charges the replaced spare parts at cost. All service is free for the entire life of the machine.

4.For distributors, our engineers visit your company to repair machines or train your engineers for maintenance.

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